Frequently Asked Questions

We are an at home, pop-up biz, so no storefront yet...or ever! All orders for pick up are based in Portland, OR 97202 (aka the Sellwood-Moreland area) unless otherwise stated. However, you can always catch us at our next pop up. Check out our schedule here.

We don't take individual itemized orders (aka you can't just order three cookies and a slice of cake in advance) but we do offer monthly baon boxes available for pick up in Sellwood (Portland, OR) 97202 or for limited delivery in SE Portland. 

Baon boxes are a set, curated box of Baker's Choice goods that usually feature 5-8 treats of for it's equivalent value. Baon (pronounced as "ba-aun") often refers to packaged food and snacks that one might bring with them to school or work. Growing up, this practice was carried on in diaspora as my mom always used to make sure my family had different baked goods and breads available for us in the house. As I carry my family and our traditions with me (in everything I do), I refer to all variety boxes as baon boxes to honor this piece of them and our life and experience. 

For our baon boxes, a new menu is released once a month during the first week of the month with their pick up dates always included at the top of our order page. Orders can be placed through the 'ORDER' tab or you can click here. The best way to see what we have available is to follow us on instagram (@thekalathouse) to see when our menus will be out or visit our SCHEDULE page for exact menu date drops, pick up dates, as well as any dates for our upcoming pop-ups. In the meantime, you can still place 

In the meantime, we still accept limited custom orders for items in bulk and/or full sized items like our cake, pies, etc. To order, please email us at kamusta@thekalathouse.com or see our contact form here.

We currently do not ship and only offer very limited deliveries in SE Portland only due to our current bandwidth.

Please send me an email at kamusta@thekalathouse.com with your name and order number at least 4 days (96 hours) prior to your expected pick-up date. Cancellations, changes, and refunds will not be accepted if submitted with less than a 4 day (96 hour) notice.

Additionally, no refunds or holds will be issued for orders that are more than 15 minutes late from our last day's closing time or for orders that are lost or stolen upon delivery. All kept orders will be redistributed to community food initiatives and/or community members. By submitting and placing your pre-order, you agree to the Kalat House's store policy as stated above. 

The short answer is no. We do, however, accept signature/custom cake orders and bulk orders at all times. To learn more, please visit our "CATALOGUE" tab or click here. 

The long answer is...because the Kalat House is one-person owned and operated, we only have so much bandwidth and capacity. Therefore, we prioritize our monthly menus and offerings as all items are made to order to ensure it's freshness and longevity getting to you. 

No. Although we do make many vegan and gluten-free items, not everything is vegan and gluten-free - and we don't claim it to be either! We try to label everything as best as we can once it's posted (even in our photos). A couple things to note about our food:

  • If it's labeled with a "(V)", it's vegan 
  • If it's labeled with a "(GF)", it's gluten-free 
  • At every pop-up, we always try to make sure there's at least one vegan, gluten-free, and vegan/gluten-free option available
  • There's usually at least one vegan or gluten-free option in each baon box
  • Please note: our products are not made in an allergen free kitchen or a regularly inspected food establishment.  

We love knowing what you want as it helps us curate our menus but we have over 30 rotating and seasonal recipes (and counting). Each month we try to create an entirely new pre-order menu, with a few of those being our best sellers, so it takes time for us to rotate through our product list. If you don't see an item one month, you'll probably see it the next, or maybe even a month after that. Just know that unless it's seasonal, you'll surely see it again! 

We'd love to support any occasion so feel free to shoot your shot with the understanding that capacities are limited and we may not be able to complete your request. 

  • Pre-order a baon box or any of our featured items!
  • Catch us at our next pop-up event.
  • Claim things during our flash sales - these happen at random through our Instagram stories. We recommend turning on your notifications! 
  • Custom order our cakes for any occasion. 
  • Tell your friends and family about us.
  • Share our photos on Instagram.